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PostSubject: Server Regulations   Server Regulations I_icon_minitime2nd July 2010, 19:16

Server Regulations

In this thread you will see punishments for all kind of spaming, ilegal works, hacking, etc...

Special info: For spaming /report, you should get warning, for spaming admins phone you should get fined 10% of your cash + Warning

Heavy Offenses

• Server Advertising - Ban from the entire community

• Hacking - Ban from the entire community

• Releasing Secret Administrator Names - Ban from the entire community

• Money Farming - Ban from the entire community

• Attempting/Selling Gang Slot & Attempting/Buying Gang Slot - Ban from the entire community

• Exploiting advertisements (Spamming your advertisement to hide your name) & Logging To Avoid Administrative Punishment - Ban from the entire community

Medium Offenses

• DM/RK/KOS - Prison 20 minutes (Warn if repeated)

• Logging to avoid - Prison 20 minutes (Warn if repeated)

• Alt-tabbing to avoid - Prison 25 minutes (Warn if repeated)

• OOC Contracting - Prison 45 minutes (Ban if repeated)

• Car Ramming/Parking - Prison 15 minutes (Warn if repeated)

• Scam above limit ($50,000) - Prison 30 minutes (Fine double amount and warn if repeated)

• Heliblading/Ninja Jacking - Prison 30 minutes (Ban if repeated)

• CS/QS (CrackShot/QuickSwap) - Prison 20 minutes (Warn if repeated)

• Releasing Hitman Information (Hitman's name, or other infos.) - Prison 45 minutes + Warn

• Lying to an administrator - Prison 10 minutes

Light Offenses

• Abuse of Advertisement - Kick or fine $10,000 per level (Warn if repeated)

• Abuse of Newbie Chat - Kick or /n chat muted (/n unmute is $10,000 per level)

• Spamming (/report, classic IC, OOC or other spam) - Kick or warn

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Server Regulations
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